It’s been about 6 weeks since we made the big pregnancy announcement and I thought it was time for a bump update. Here we go!

HOW FAR ALONG: 28 weeks! Helllllo third trimester!

DUE DATE: June 27

SIZE OF BABY: Cucumber – 2.25 lbs, 15 inches long

CRAVINGS: Sweet. Anything sweet, but there’s been a particularly fierce Oreo habit lately. I don’t feel too guilty about indulging at the moment, but eventually I’ll need to knock that one off.

SYMPTOMS: Overall, I really can’t complain. I’ve definitely felt totally different this time around – the morning sickness was much worse and lasted much longer. Heartburn like whoa. Some back + leg pain. Random Charlie horse cramps that tend to wake me up out of a dead sleep. But truly, I feel like I can’t complain because it’s all manageable!

WEIGHT GAIN: I was so sick the first trimester, I actually lost a few pounds. Once I felt back to normal, the weight started to pack on during the second trimester and I’m up 15 lbs so far.

BABY MOVEMENT: All the time, especially after dinner! I felt the first kicks at 17 weeks this pregnancy, which was a week or two earlier than Everett. Baby is most active right as I lay down to bed, which isn’t always convenient but I also really cherish those moments when I’m still and can just focus on those sweet kicks. I know it’s the thing I’ll miss the most when I’m not pregnant anymore!

CHALLENGES LATELY: I ended up catching a stomach bug but the cramps were deceiving for a few days. My OB did a little extra monitoring and testing before getting on a plane to Chicago for the weekend and then heading to Hawaii next week for vacation! Everything came back totally fine, just need a little extra rest and to make sure I stay hydrated.

NAME: Still working on it. We didn’t announce Everett’s name until he was born and we plan on probably doing the same this time around. Too many opinions!

GENDER: We know. Family knows. But we decided to hold onto this secret a little longer. We’ll see how long that lasts! 😉

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