I’ve been doing my bump updates every 4 weeks, but I’m doing this last update at 39 weeks, just in case I go into labor sometime this week. Fingers crossed!

HOW FAR ALONG: 39 weeks – almost there! So close, I can taste it!

DUE DATE: June 27

SIZE OF BABY: Jackfruit or mini-watermelon – 7-8 lbs, 19-20 inches long

CRAVINGS: Not much anymore, honestly. The baby has taken over my organs and I don’t have much of an appetite left.

SYMPTOMS: The worst of it is still the lower back/hip pain. Thank god for my wonderful physical therapist that I see once a week!! Otherwise, I just feel huge and ready for baby to be here and stop peeing every hour.

WEIGHT GAIN: 23 lbs total

BABY MOVEMENT: Alllllllll the time, especially before bed. We joke that the baby is doing the YMCA because I feel limbs moving in every direction.

CHALLENGES LATELY:  I’m feeling very anxious lately for baby to finally get here. We feel like we’ve mentally prepared for whatever might be coming after baby is born and we have all of our doctors + specialists lined up. I’m feeling ready for the next phase in this high-risk journey. We have incredible support from all of our family + friends, ready to help however we need.

NAME: I test out the name on strangers at the store and it seems to roll off the tongue, so I think it’s a keeper. Plus we have some items already personalized, so I hope we don’t change our minds at the last minute!

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