I am so excited to announce that we welcomed our daughter, Emerson Lucille, into the world on June 27, right on her due date! She weighed 7 lbs 7 oz + measured 21.25 inches of pure perfection.

We are so in love!! If you need me, you can find me currently soaking in newborn snuggles + delicious newborn smells. I’ll be back soon with her birth story!

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Ugh, the transition is rough, but getting better. It’s hard trying to find time for me now?. Having an active 2 year old son and caring for my daughter is a lot of exhausting work, but it will get better for us Mama’s!?? Take care!


Congratulations! She’s a beauty! 🙂 I had my daughter on June 9th! Still trying to get used to life with 2 kids… whoa! I hope everything is going great with you and your family!


Thank you so much, LaToya! I really appreciate your sweet words. Life with two is a whole new ballgame, that’s for sure! How is the transition going for you??

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