The DockATot seems to be the hottest baby item right now. It’s everywhere. But if you are like me, I didn’t understand why I needed one…. until I tried it.

The DockATot wasn’t around a few years ago when I was scouring the internet for everything baby related to get ready for Everett’s arrival. For anyone that hasn’t heard of this baby gear must-have, the DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger/gym. It’s a safe place for baby to sleep in your bed, with some peace of mind to know you won’t roll over on said baby. We aren’t a co-sleeping household, so I didn’t think I needed one. However, I quickly realized that we needed a safe place to put a newborn down while still tending to a toddler’s needs. It’s a whole different set of needs for baby #2 because I need my hands free more often to help out older brother!

DockATot sent me a full starter kit including the Deluxe+, a toy arch and toys. The night before the box arrived, we had a particularly bad night of seep with Emmy. She was up every 2 hours and just wanted to be held, so when the box arrived I was like a kid on Christmas morning! I tore that bad boy right open!!

We’ve been using it ever since in a few different ways. Generally, we keep it downstairs in our family room. We use our DockATot as a safe place to put Emmy down when we need a few minutes to empty the dishwasher, let the dogs out, help Everett put his shoes on, etc. In the first few months, it’s been awesome to have a cozy place for her to nap while we are all downstairs together.

Now that she is 3 months old + more interested in the world, she loves the toy arch feature. I can lay her down in the DockATot to stretch out + play while I fold a load of laundry or start dinner. It’s been a huge lifesaver. I also use it while I give Everett a bath + get him ready for bed. Emmy gets to be part of the bedtime routine but I have my hands free to juggle both kiddos when Jeff isn’t home. I tried to do bath time with Emmy in a carrier once, which ended up quite the mess for all involved.


The other really useful function of the DockATot is that it’s a perfect travel bed for babies. It’s small enough to carry on a plane with us in the carry case or throw it into the car when we are visiting family + friends. Emmy will always have a safe, cozy place to relax on the go. That’s huge for our family! I remember packing up an entire carful of toys and contraptions to keep Everett happy + entertained when he was a baby. This consolidates all those bulky items into one easy package.

Before seeing this item in person, I thought the sides were inflatable. I don’t know why I thought that exactly, it’s just how I pictured it, but I was totally wrong. Think of a long body pillow inside the zippered pouch on the outside, with a slim bassinet mattress on the bottom. It looked daunting at first to take it apart to change the cover, however trust me when I say it takes about 45 seconds. Super easy. Even Everett figured out how to unzip the pillow to take it out. I highly suggest purchasing a 2nd cover for the DockATot so you have one available when the inevitable spit-up or blow out happens. You can take the cover off in a jiffy and zip a clean one right on.

DockATot has two size options – the Deluxe and the Grand. The Deluxe is made for babies 0-8 months, so I’ve heard some parents use it as a transition tool to the crib, however, we do not currently plan on using this in the crib. When Emmy grows out of the Deluxe+, we’ll move her into the DockATot Grand, made for 9-36 months to use as a lounger and travel bed. I’ve also heard that the Grand is perfect for toddler bed transitions, so we’ll get use a ton of use out of it. You’ll also see the Deluxe and the Deluxe+ — the difference is that the newest Deluxe+ covers had the side tabs for the toy arch. The toy arch will not dock into the old covers, so you would need to purchase a replacement cover in order to use it as a play gym as well.

Overall, I would definitely suggest this item for all new parents, but it’s been especially useful the second time around. They’ve been tested for breathability + are all-natural, 100% cotton, which is important to me when choosing baby items.

To spread the DockATot love, I’m including a $10 off coupon code for your DockATot purchase! Let me know if you have any questions or issues using the code.


Do you have a DockATot? Do you love it as much as we do?? I want to hear how you use it!


In collaboration with DockATot, this product was sent to me to review, however, opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links, which may provide a small commission on sales.

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that looks pretty cool. my youngest is 3 now, but i kinda wish some of this gear came out between 3-8 years ago when i had babies.

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