We love to travel and consider ourselves pretty seasoned travelers. Before Everett ever came along, we decided that we wouldn’t let kids totally change our life and dampen our love of travel. We would just tote them along with us wherever we go. Cute, right?

Little did I know just how difficult traveling with kids can be, even under the best circumstances. We took Everett on his first plane ride at 4 months old and he was an absolute champ. He slept through most of the flight and just hung out in his stroller wherever we went. We thought to ourselves “This is great, we can take him anywhere! We’ve got this!”  Fast forward to a year later and we now realize that traveling with a toddler is a WHOLE different animal. While some things have gotten easier, many things have become much harder!

We are planning to take a road trip from Denver to Santa Fe, New Mexico in a few weeks, which is about a 6-hour drive. While we have been on many planes the last year, we haven’t taken a road trip like this as a family of 3. It will be Everett’s longest car ride and the anxiety is starting to set in. I am planning to pack plenty of books, snacks and toys, but I’m looking for any other tips and tricks for keeping our smallest passenger a happy camper.

STFD - Easy Pouch
Enjoying a pouch, mess free!

I found these awesome pouch holders on Amazon about 6 months ago and they have been a lifesaver! I know I can give Everett a pouch on the go and it won’t end up all over the backseat or all over his shirt. They have definitely become a travel must-have for our family and will be packed at the top of the bag for easy access!

How do you keep little ones happy and entertained while strapped in the car seat? Any must-have items I should add to our packing list? Any and all suggestions are welcome!


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