HOW FAR ALONG: 32 weeks DUE DATE: June 27 SIZE OF BABY: Half gallon of milk – 3lbs 11 oz (as of 31 weeks, 2 days), 16 inches long CRAVINGS: Sweets still rule – ice cream, cake, cookies, etc. I don’t discriminate. SYMPTOMS: Baby is sitting VERY low this time and feels farther down every passing week. This is … Continue Reading

It’s been about 6 weeks since we made the big pregnancy announcement and I thought it was time for a bump update. Here we go! HOW FAR ALONG: 28 weeks! Helllllo third trimester! DUE DATE: June 27 SIZE OF BABY: Cucumber – 2.25 lbs, 15 inches long CRAVINGS: Sweet. Anything sweet, but there’s been a particularly fierce Oreo … Continue Reading

Everett turned two at the end of February and I just couldn’t help myself. We had to celebrate! The kid is obsessed with all things animal-related and spent the last few months only wanting to sing Old MacDonald. So we ran with it! Since I haven’t had a ton of energy lately, I tried to … Continue Reading

If you didn’t catch the big announcement on Instagram, we are so excited to share the news that we are expecting baby #2!! Everett is going to be a big brother and the entire family is over the moon! I know we waited a little longer than most people to announce our big news, but we’ve … Continue Reading

Happy 2017! I feel like I was just getting used to 2016. Now it’s a brand new year. It always takes awhile for my mind to catch up to saying a new year and even harder to realize the months are just ticking by. I’ve always heard the expression “The days are long but the years … Continue Reading