HOW FAR ALONG: 32 weeks

DUE DATE: June 27

SIZE OF BABY: Half gallon of milk – 3lbs 11 oz (as of 31 weeks, 2 days), 16 inches long

CRAVINGS: Sweets still rule – ice cream, cake, cookies, etc. I don’t discriminate.

SYMPTOMS: Baby is sitting VERY low this time and feels farther down every passing week. This is putting some pressure on my hips/pelvis/lower back causing some restless legs. My OB has referred me to a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, so hopefully that will help.

WEIGHT GAIN: Weight gain has dramatically slowed down the last few weeks. Currently up 17 lbs, only 2 lbs in the last month.

BABY MOVEMENT: Constantly! Baby is getting stronger too, so we feel lots of movement and kicks and jabs. Everett gets a little confused when we tell him baby is kicking mommy and he sometimes tries to join in that fun. Sheesh, give mommy a break, kiddos!!

CHALLENGES LATELY:  Pregnancy wise — The leg pain has been annoying lately. I am now sporting a super sexy maternity belt to help support the belly but honestly it only provides minimal relief. By the end of the day, I really just need to rest and elevate my feet. The heating pad on my lower back is also a lifesaver!

Life wise – we’ve had a rough few weeks. Everett ended up really sick with bronchiolitis/RSV and in the emergency room the night before we were supposed to leave for Hawaii. After spending 10 hours at the hospital on oxygen and under observation, we were sent home with an oxygen tank for the next 7 days. We cancelled the trip, which ended up probably a blessing in disguise, but still a bummer. It was going to be our last real vacation as a family of 3 and a pseudo-babymoon. Oh well! The most important thing is that Everett is on the mend – Hawaii will always be there later!

NAME: We have a short list and keep coming back to the same one, so getting closer!

GENDER: Family + friends are all in on the secret now!

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