Happy 2017! I feel like I was just getting used to 2016. Now it’s a brand new year. It always takes awhile for my mind to catch up to saying a new year and even harder to realize the months are just ticking by. I’ve always heard the expression “The days are long but the years are short” and I never fully understood it until recently, but now I couldn’t agree more!

So here’s to a great 2017! Hopefully 2016 treated you well and 2017 has even bigger, better things in store! At least that’s the optimism I’m choosing to start the year with. 😉

In other news… we found out that 75% of the holiday cards we sent out never arrived. NOOOOOOOO!! I love the tradition of sending + receiving holiday cards. I love seeing our loved ones year after year and hearing what everyone has been up to all year. While I absolutely love keeping up with our friends + family in this way, it’s a boatload of work. That’s why I was absolutely crushed to hear that almost no one received our cards this year.

After investigating a bit, we are pretty sure we know what happened… I had most of the cards stuffed, addressed and stamped, but I ran out of stamps. So I put the completed ones in our mailbox to be picked up the next morning because I knew it would be later in the day before I was able to get more stamps. Apparently, those are all the ones that didn’t arrive. After talking with some neighbors, we heard that someone was spotted driving through the neighborhood in the early morning hours checking mailboxes for mail waiting to be picked up. Most likely hoping to score some gifts or cash — neither of which were in our holiday cards. I know these things happen, especially at the holidays, but it’s so disappointing. Oh well, life goes on and I won’t make that mistake again. ::shrug::

Moral of the story… drop off your mail directly at the post office whenever possible!

For anyone that never actually received our holiday card this year, I apologize. Enjoy this digital version and let’s just pretend. 😉


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