Another holiday season has come and gone. We survived!

Honestly, the last few weeks of holiday craziness has been a bit of a blur. Our days were filled with holiday parties, shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, visiting friends + family, and traveling across the country to spend Christmas with my family.

Despite the hectic days, having a toddler in the house at Christmas has added an entirely new level of magic to the season. Everett was only 10 months old last year, so he clearly didn’t know what was going on…the highlight for him was playing with wrapping paper.

But THIS year was a whole new ballgame.

We read holiday books everyday. We sang Christmas songs. We watched our favorite Christmas movies. We talked about Santa, Rudolph + The North Pole. We had brunch with Santa. Took a ride on the Polar Express. We bought toys for other children that didn’t have any. Everett definitely knew what was going on this year and it was pure joy to watch his eyes light up as he took it all in.

These are a few of our holiday highlights:

Snuggled in bed reading Christmas books.

Waiting patiently for his turn to meet Santa.

Finally meeting the one and only, Santa Clause! Everett was a little star struck.

The Polar Express. I think it was about -5 degrees that night, but it was totally worth it.

polar express 2
polar express 1

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas for the first time!

Flying with a toddler isn’t easy, to say the least. Thankful for snacks, stickers and the very kind passengers around us that didn’t mind a few tears (mostly from Everett)! 😉

 But we finally made it to Delaware to spend the week with my parents and brother.

Everett loves his Pop and was so excited to be reunited again!

Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas before bed on Christmas Eve.

  Brother-in-law dance party in the kitchen.

 It’s always hard to say goodbye. We don’t get to see my brother nearly enough.

Jeff and I had a little day date in Rehoboth Beach while Grandma + Pop babysat one afternoon. We used our time like the responsible adults we are… at the boardwalk arcade.

Flying back to Denver. An amazing sunset over the clouds.

How did you guys spend the holidays? Hopefully it was just as magical with family + friends.


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